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Seeing stars … sort of!

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“When you have a second, I have a little project for you to work on.” That phrase may seem innocent enough, but I’ve learned that when you work in the Artistic department, no project is ever little.

Each concert weekend is the product of months, sometimes years, of painstaking work. What repertoire will be performed for each concert and by whom are big decisions that are made in my department, but with those big decisions come hundreds of small tasks that are necessary to turn the concerts listed on each season brochure into reality.

For example, one of my first projects was creating a slideshow for A Very Merry Pops using childhood photographs of the musicians that was shown on the giant screens during I’ll Be Home for Christmas. So when Amanda, Director of Popular Programming and Special Projects, asked me to help her with another ‘little project’ for an upcoming Pops concert, I couldn’t wait to see what she had in mind.

Turns out, when she decided that the Symphony would do a Red Carpet Oscar Party concert, she really meant it. Perhaps she noticed my minor (OK, moderate!) addiction to pursuing celebrity gossip blogs during my lunch hour. My assignment: bring the red carpet to life in front of Jones Hall … literally. Amanda had visions of concertgoers walking down a red carpet amongst celebrities and paparazzi, and it was up to me to make it happen.

That’s how my search for celebrity impersonators to walk our red carpet began. I discovered that there are hundreds of celebrity impersonators and lookalikes in the U.S., and there is much more than your basic Marilyn Monroe! There’s Benjamin Franklin, Billy Joel, Harry Potter and Hulk Hogan, along with many others, even  Queen Frostina and King Kandy of Candy Land fame, and that’s just for starters! “Would our audiences enjoy Justin Timberlake and Madonna?”, I wondered as I spent many hours scouring impersonator pictures and videos all over the web. Eventually, I found Carbon Copies Celebrity Look Alikes, where I hired three performers from right here in Texas to walk the red carpet with all of you this weekend.

Madonna and Justin didn’t make the cut, though…this time!


Written by Rebecca

February 3, 2010 at 3:49 pm