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Planting the seed for future generations

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Through our Development blogs, you all have been learning about a few of the events we have for our donors, relationships we have with our patrons and our responsibilities as a Development team.  Today, I’ll tell you about our Legacy Society Dinner held on April 9th. Legacy Society is very special because its membership reveals our patrons’ faith in the future of our orchestra.  Their gift to the Houston Symphony literally lasts a lifetime and beyond.

The dinner was held in the home of Mary and Tony Gracely.  The house was exquisite and just perfect for the event.  It had a beautiful water fountain up front, salt and pepper Bentleys parked to the side and my favorite part (because I’m a huge NBA fan) was the basketball court inside the house surrounded with autographed jerseys. On the court is where the recital and dinner took place. Mr. Gracely said they play basketball on Tuesdays and Thursdays … maybe we can all shoot some hoops together one day?  Needless to say it was “off the chain,” as Mrs. Gracely so pleasantly said.

The reception was really neat for me because I got to finally meet a couple of my donors who I have been in contact with pretty regularly since I began working here.  It’s a cool feeling when they ask for you at check-in and then you engage in these wonderful conversations that all stem from one thing you have in common: The Houston Symphony.  Thanks Mr. Michael George and Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Mueller for coming and finally meeting me!

Following the reception, everyone went to the basketball court and sat at their table for the recital.  We were so lucky to have James Ehnes come perform Bach’s Partita No. 3 in E Major. James was also in the midst of performing with our Houston Symphony through the weekend, so we are so grateful he played for our Legacy Society Dinner.  His playing was impeccable and it really set a nice mood for the wonderful dinner that followed his performance.

All in all, it was a great evening, there was a really good turn out, and our Legacy Society members had a great time.  I’d like to thank the Gracelys for welcoming us into their home and again to James Ehnes for performing.  Most importantly I’d like to thank our Legacy Society members for the commitment they have towards our organization and its future.

Interim CEO Dick Hoffert said it best, “Thank you for planting the seed in which future generations will enjoy the shade.”

Photo Credit: Jeff Fitlow


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April 21, 2010 at 3:08 pm

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