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Private rehearsals — donor appreciation Symphony style!

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Here at Houston Symphony our donors are very special to us, so we always try to find new ways to thank them with a little “behind-the-scenes” fun – like inviting them to a Houston Symphony Private Rehearsal!

This season, we’ve hosted rehearsals for Beethoven’s 9th, Very Merry Pops, Handel’s Messiah, Mozart’s Requiem and coming up in April we’ll be at Pink Martini.  The rehearsals have become quite popular and our patrons always have a great time.

We begin with snacks and refreshments in the Greenroom 30 minutes prior to the start of the rehearsal, where we all have a chance to get to know each other. Since many of our guests come right from work, we are always prepared with tasty bites, and even hot chocolate on those (albeit rare) winter evenings! Who knows, maybe it’ll be hot enough for snow cones in late April?

The neat thing about Private Rehearsals is that it is a really laid-back setting and it makes socializing so much easier, especially for Danny, Jessica and myself (your Houston Symphony Patron Services Specialists).

It’s also an informal setting inside the hall, as the musicians are not in their formal concert attire, Hans Graf included. Our guests get to see and hear the process of music in the making.  For the most part, the orchestra runs through the program without stopping and adjustments are made at the end.  It seems Mozart’s Requiem has been the favorite so far — Hans Graf had a lot to talk about as he made the final adjustments between orchestra and chorus. Our patrons just love to hear what the Maestro has to say!

For some of our patrons, the rehearsals are the only time they will hear the work being performed, as they don’t have a subscription, tickets or the piece is not in their particular subscription series.  We also have other long-time subscribers who enjoy coming to the rehearsal and the performance, because they’re able to get a “sneak peak” of what they are in store for the coming weekend.

No matter what the situation is, we appreciate our donors, their passion and commitment to the Houston Symphony.  Being able to share with them what the Maestro, orchestra and staff all do to put a concert together makes for a great experience all around.

We welcome back Pink Martini on April 29th for our final Private Rehearsal of the season … see you then!



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March 19, 2010 at 4:41 pm

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